Inspiration, Intimidation and Everything in between.

I really feel like I'm not keeping up with my blogging as I should, but with life consisting mainly of work and sleep, I find it difficult to escape the monotonous days and find something to write about.

But, alas, as I am now here typing, something (or rather some things) have come up that brought me to blogging again.

I went to the Harry Potter premiere with Valorie and my younger brother at Harkins. We did a lot of high school reminiscing and didn't really run into anyone we didn't want to, which was refreshing. Also, the movie itself was one of the better Potter films in my opinion. As usual there were some plot details I wish they had covered, but it had less uselessness, and it utilized light moments in an otherwise dark film.

A new store opened in the place of virgin records. It's a female clothing store and I seriously might need a whole day to check it out, because it looks legit awesome.

This afternoon I watched the film "To Sir, with Love" starring Sidney Poitier. I've always been a fan of Poitier and I watched this film once with my mother as a child (It's her favorite). I even have the single by Lulu on my iPod. But I had yet to watch it at a mature age where I fully understood what was going on. It reminded me of other later films such as "Stand and Deliver" and "Dead Poet's Society" both of which portray influential teachers. But each film covers different means through which respect for a teacher is gained. With "Stand and Deliver" it's a unique teaching style, with "Dead Poet's Society" it Robin Williams encouragement of the boy's creativity and interests outside the class room. With Sidney Poitier's character, the tool is treating the kids as adults in the real world. He teaches them manners and propriety and the all too sadly true fact that life just isn't fair. It handles social situations rather while for a '60's film as well. I really enjoyed it and encourage those who haven't seen it to try it.

Finally, I started two new projects. One was inspired from Valorie's "Photo a Day" resolution. I'm essentially trying to do the same thing. I really ought to use my camera more. My other project is to incorporate art more into my daily life and possessions. In honor of this, I sharpied my black and green converse. One shoe is a portrayal of war and destruction while the other is love, peace and happiness. I'm not quite done yet. I need to color the lines around the shoes and either switch to more colorful paperclips or buy new laces. But I like this one so far. I'll try to post other projects and they come along.

Anyway, that's all for now. More to come your way soon.

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